What does a Personal Chef do?
A personal chef helps busy people eat better healthier food with the convenience of home preparation or delivery. A Personal chef will prepare your custom created meal just for you. It will be suited to your dinning preferences, nutritional goals, dietary needs and lifestyle requirements.

What type of person hires a Personal Chef?
- busy families
- people with special dietary needs
- busy professionals
- new parents
- active families
- those who do not know how to cook
- people trying to lose weight
- people trying to eat healthier
- seniors and retirees
- those who do not know how to cook
- people recovering from illness or injury

How do you decide what to eat?
While we meet, you will fill out my detailed food questionnaire to make sure I fully understand your food preferences. In addition to preferences, we will discuss any allergies you might have and we will work toward creating your menu together.

Who does the shopping?
I will do all of the grocery shopping on the same day that I prepare your meals. I can shop in the market of your choice or your favorite specialty store and I will find the freshest ingredients possible.

Where do you cook?
Meals are conveniently cooked in your home or they can be delivered. You decide.

How long does meal preparation take?
It can take 1-4 hours depending on the type of food being prepared and quantity.

Who cleans up?
I do. On the day of our appointment your food will be cooked, packaged, stored and the kitchen will be left as clean as, or possibly a little cleaner than it was before I arrived.

What does the Magic Garden service include?
- initial consultation, kitchen review and food questionnaire
- research, planning and creation of custom menu
- grocery shopping
- cooking, packaging, labeling and storing foods
- kitchen clean up

How many people do you cook for?
I have many different clients. Repeat clients who I cook for once a week, twice a month or once a month. Other clients are onetime events, dinner parties, holiday gatherings, brunches and etc.

How many meals can you prepare?
I can prepare one meal a week or meals for the whole week depending on your needs.

I’m on particular diet, what can i do?
I can work with your nutritionist, doctor, dietitian, or personal trainer to prepare a menu according to your needs.

Can I hire a Magic Garden Personal Chef to teach cooking skills in my home?

How is the food packaged?
Food is packaged and refrigerated or frozen in quality glass containers. There is a one time charge for the containers. Instructions for thawing and reheating each meal will be provided.

How do I get started?
Please contact me via phone or email to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.

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